School Services

Galaxy Coaching currently works in approximately 70 primary schools across Northern Ireland, offering after school programmes in the following activities:

Football          Basketball

Dodgeball       Athletics

Unihoc            Golf 

Tennis            Tag Rugby

Netball           Drama

Cricket           Dance



After school programmes are designed to meet the needs of the school, with the activity, dates, times and course length all agreed with the school.

Once a course has been organised, a member of our team will speak the children in a promotional assembly explaining the content of the course and leaving a flyer for each child. Parents will then be encouraged to enrol online or over the telephone, thus reducing the administration work that the school have to be involved in.

Our programmes can also be tailored to meet the needs of schools that receive Extended Schools Funding. Please contact us for further details.





Galaxy Coaching can produce a timetable that would allow all of the schools classes to receive specialised curriculum time sport and activity coaching in line with curriculum PE structure.

For a daily rate of less than a substitute class teacher, we can provide first class PE lessons for all pupils, while providing existing staff and chance to gain further skills in specialist PE lessons with plans. Please contact us for further details.