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Covid 19


Updated 23.03.2021

As we make plans for Summer Sports Activities, we have formulated our operational protocol based on the latest information and guidance from Northern Ireland Executive. This can be found at



Our Summer Scheme will specifically run with the following measures:

  • Outdoor, non-Contact activities only
  • Small, protected bubbles for groups


Other Special Policies and Guidelines in Place*:

  • Children must enter the venue/site through the specified doors that will be clearly signposted on arrival.
  • Adults will be met by a member of staff to drop off their child, but they must not enter the building/site.
  • Children should not bring personal belongings or toys
  • Children should bring lunch, drinks, snacks, sun cream and any medicine in a plastic carrier bag.
  • Should the child or any member of the family present with symptoms you must inform Galaxy Coaching straight away by calling 07779302675.


Other Special Measures that will be in place*:

  • regular hand washing
  • hand sanitising stations around the site
  • equipment sanitisation after each use
  • Controlled and distanced parental drop/collections
  • Isolation of any children presenting with Covid-like symptoms
  • Provision of plastic cups and drinking water

To enable us to continue to provide services in a safe and responsible manner, we ask parents/guardians to adhere to the above .  These guidelines may be updated with any further guidance from the Northern Ireland Executive

*Special Measures and guidelines are effective from the day that they were printed or published (please see above).  We reserve the right to amend or remove these where guidance changes and where we see it is responsible to so do.


As of the 26th June 2020, we have applied the following:

  • As a provider of sports and recreational activity, Galaxy Coaching are exempt from (and unable to) register as a “Child Care Provider” according to Child Care (NI) Order 1995.  Without a specific regulatory body, we look to take guidance and follow many of the policies put together for Full Day and Sessional Care providers, as laid out by the regional trusts.

  • As of the 24th June 2020, The Department of Education published information on the child care recovery plan.  In this, it states that children should be cared for within Play Pods of up to 12 children, and Pods should be kept apart. The layout of the Play Pod should comply with the minimum space per child requirements in the Minimum Standards”. Our plan would be to follow this guidance in an outdoor setting, which would enhance the feasibility of activities and allow a vast space in which the Pods can operate.

  • On the 25th June The Executive announced that the resumption of contact sport training could take place from the 29th June.  All of our proposed “activity” would be at it’s most extreme classed as contact sport training.  Many activities would not involve contact and therefore more distancing can take place.

  • On the 25th June The Executive has indicated that, where appropriate mitigations to the 2 metre rule can be made, a distance of no less than 1 metre between individuals should be adhered to.  On the basis that our groups will already be in bubbles of a maximum of 12 and all activities are taking place outdoors, we will be operating a social distancing of 1 metre where possible.  This will be in instances of breaks and lunchtimes and also while taking instruction on activities.


As advice currently stands, we feel that we are very well positioned to undertake our Outdoor Sports Activity Schemes with the above-mentioned special Measures in place.  We will continue to monitor all information issued by The Northern Ireland Executive and amend our procedures accordingly.




Galaxy Coaching Ltd.